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Our History


How It All Began

Young Parents No Fixed Address was convened in 1997 to examine the increasing numbers of pregnant young women being seen by the agencies dealing with homeless youth in Toronto.
Young Parents No Fixed Address (YPNFA) is a network of agencies and organizations dedicated to building strong community partnerships to address the issues for young street involved / homeless pregnant and parenting youth and their children.
The inquest into the starvation death of a 5 week old baby born to a young homeless mother in 1997 made a number of recommendations which YPNFA has been working to see implemented.
The group has developed several innovative and responsive solutions to the issues faced by this population.
We continue to explore ways we can enhance the well being of these young families through collaboration and cooperation. In addition to the projects highlighted here, YPNFA is also working on responses to the mental health and sexual health needs of young parents as well as the trauma, grief and loss they often face.   
Members of the YPNFA network are grateful for the ongoing financial support of the City of Toronto's - Homelessness Partnership Strategies.

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